[bang] (__girlonthemoon) wrote in aircooledvws,

VW won't stop.

Quick brakes query for y'all!

Basically.. My brakes have gone. Took the bug out for a short drive & they were working fine on the way there, but on the way back they were very very spongy. It's currently parked on an incline, & I've got enough brake-power to hold it still if I take the handbrake off but they're definitely not 100%.

This has happened before, due to insufficient amounts of brake fluid - but I had a look at the tank & the level seems ok.. The brakes themselves are pretty new, so I'm hoping that it's not a problem with them.

This is my first car, & whilst my bug-maintenance knowledge is growing I still don't really know a enough about cars to know what's caused this.. (or how to fix it!) So if anyone can offer me a suggestion as to what it could possibly be on my limited description & without seeing the car.. [I know. I know. Potentially stupid question!] I'd be really thankful! :)

S'a 1970 1300 & totally my baby!

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