akiree (akiree) wrote in aircooledvws,

bike racks

I have a 1971 semi-automatic super beetle. I am interested in carrying two bikes around sometimes. How do I make this work on an old bug?

I used to have a trunk mounted bike rack on a different car, but I didn't think I could use something like that over the engine on a bug. I've been googling and I can only find stuff for the new beetle. There have been a few references to needing an "extender" for a roof rack, I guess to clear the domed roof, but nothing that says "can be used on a classic bug". And from long, long ago I have a dim memory of a front rack for a bug, but I'm probably making that up..

So please point me in the direction of a bike rack. I don't have a trailer hitch, but am willing to consider it if that's the best option. A roof rack would be impractical as I park outdoors and cover my car every night, but again I will consider it if it's my only option. Cheap is better though, but I'm willing to buy used. Also if it matters I'm in Southern CA.

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