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aircooledvws's Journal

Air Cooled VWs
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This community is for anyone who is into aircooled Volkswagens, whether you have one or not. Feel free to post pics, stories, questions, or whatever about VWs.

Check out this poll to learn more about us and our VWs, please take the time to complete if you haven't already.

Need to edit your VW that is or isnt' on the list? Comment on this post.

Our VWs:
Ok, it took me over a year but I have come back to update our Volkswagens.

If you need to make an addition or change simply leave a comment to this post. :)

Remember, this is only for currently owned aircooled VWs.

55 oval ragtop bug kavsterwa
56 suicide oval "The Love Bug"
59 Ghia coupe redlory
59 Type 1 sedan! ornery_chick
60 Baja Bug (another one) _erk_
60 double cab kavsterwa
60 ghia daniellevws
60 pan with manx body
62 Camper irnwlf
62 Pink and White "Cal-Look" Beetle pinkbeetlegurl
63 panel bus "Eddie"
63 panel bus adidas1977
63 bug daniellevws
64 t3 notchback "pink betty" dr_bonez
64 bug adidas1977
64 bus - "The Bus"
64 beetle
65 Sunroof Sedan
65 Australian spec beetle dominicalis
66 beetle "lovely bitch"
66 Beetle "Rat Look" traver
66 Beetle "Mrs. Titanic" [Motorless] artor
66 Kombi Bus - KOMBI 66 (vanity plate) traver
66 split-window bus "Girl" the_erections
66 beetle "Dino"
66 Baja "Pumpkin" rattakus
66 ghia "Jimmy" l_2_the_oser
67 beetle thevanillaninja
67 beetle lust_to_love
67 13-window Deluxe "Apollo" strommy
67 Kombi "The Pickle" captainlamprey
68 Beetle - no nickname pimpedbug
67 beetle wolvesdub
68 Bug Freeman
69 Beetle "Daisy" silent_reveriex
69 Beetle fearthesiigna
69 Squareback "Sammie" justreadmyspine
69 beetle "eva braun" bluma123
69 Beetle "The Cheat" bondboy
69 beetle "nelly" laurelana_jones
68 Beetle "Fluffy" djmedieval
69 squareback "sparky" flammadrakon
69 westy
69 Bay window bus "Big Loaf" cydesho
69 bus "Gruesome Beasty"
69 red beater bus cydesho
69 Beetle "Bugly" green_and_leafy
69 Beetle "RallyBug" y2kesha
69 Karmaan Ghia = <3! oldsmile
70 Beetle 'Og' kalen0matic
70 Baja Bug _erk_
70 Baja Bug (another one) _erk_
70 Beetle "Bing Bong Bug" futile
70 bug named Lucy fourgotten
70 Bug "Norbert comformation
70 Fastback "Peanut Butter" (PBVW) slaying_jaded
70 squareback
70 square "Snoopy"
70 fastback thisis2020
70 transporter single cab pickup queerfrosty
71-72, 1302L, Gemini Blue, Super Beetle mijka
71 411 Wagon "Clara" blulobster
71 squareback 'roxanne' first_rule
71 Squareback a1samurai
71 super beetle "Agent Orange" lonelydime
71 super "Marley"
71 Super Beetle "Homsar" efleck999
71 bus "big green love machine" beachbum83
71 green and white westy "Angelina"
71 superbeetle "clementine" mbartell
71 transporter "Arlo" tripetiedyehipe
71 Westy visibleinks
72 411 Wagon "Sal" - Donor Car, to keep "Clara" blulobster
72 convertable beetle jessaska
72 yellow Beetle called Billy sisterpsychosis
72 Ghia "betty" kooshtifer
72 VW Beetle 1300 "Dizzy"
72 Standard "The Bratmobile" dead_as_dreams
72 super "Goober"
72 super "Patches"
72 super beetle "WELT" harley235
72 Super Beetle fearthesiigna
72 Westy "Scotty"
72 WESTY "ride til I die!" beach_bum_mr_me
72 Super Autostick "The Patriot" caffiene_fiend
74 red beetle "Wednesday" siouxsie_jack
73 Sportsmobile "Smurfette" 00solstice
73 thing "Swamp" drabmuh
73 super "Harold"
73 super "Nightmare"
73 Super captainlamprey
73 european high roof type II
73 Karmann Ghia
73 Super "Juney"
73 Super crazedvw
73 Marina Blue Super Beetle "Silke" gogothemimic
73 VW Westy "the flaming van" tikigoddess79
74 beetle "Dexter"
74 beetle 1303 "sonny" pheadrablashyrk
74 (not so)Supa 'Boogah' dead_as_dreams
74 Super "BUD (aka Bug Uv Death)" darkened_realm
74 Ghia Convertible worstplace
74 Ghia angelsong
74 Thing amphiskios
74 beetle "Lucky"
74 beetle vert "Sunny"
74 Standard Beetle "Sun Bug" valentwine
74 bus "GUS" poetuneverwere
75 bug thats being chopped up & built into a baja
76 beetle 'Minerva' thebleeder
77 Bus placeslost
77 Riveria icehenge
77 FI westfalia fusername
77 standard bug carrie_nation
78 bus (ex-bundeswehr, now: camper) loveandpeace
78 bus "Miranda" vonnibelheim
78 Westy Campmobile "Leisl" drben54
78 Champagne edition "Sugar" dokktorwho222
78 Transporter "Hilde" fourgotten
79 bus with a sunroof "Foxy" dokktorwho222
79 bay window in_the_wrong
79 westie "towanda"
82 type 25/3 bus "dollface" siouxsie_jack

71 powerplant/tranny/suspension controling a custom sandrail fusername
type 3 rail buggy "crap heap" bluma123
Need to edit your VW that is or isnt' on the list? Comment on this post.

There's a ton of VW communities out there now but here's the only ones I'm endorsing:

watercooled - Great community to get info on your watercooled VW, no matter what year/model.
volkswagens - The general VW community.

If people just used these three communities there wouldn't be a need to cross-post at all. I hate when someone cross posts in 4 or 5 different VW communities with the exact same post.

Our FAQ-in-progress
What exactly is an aircooled Volkswagen?

What's the best way to find a good aircooled VW and how much should I expect to pay?

What do I look for when considering a VW for purchase?

What routine maintence is needed on aircooled VWs?

Where is the best place to find parts if I can't find them locally?

What books are good to get to learn about maintence/repair procedures?

What the heck is an autostick and how do you drive it?

I want an aircooled VW to be my only car, is this a good idea?

What tools do I need to work on my VW?