staffordbrandon (staffordbrandon) wrote in aircooledvws,

Well Hello

I bought a 71 beetle a little over a year ago. Replaced the master cylinder and some other brake issues (still a problem), but it was draining the battery, and eventually wouldn't start. i replaced the starter also got it turned over and started to drive it down the road to get some oil. Thats when it blew up. I've had it sitting in my garage since. A friend who works on drag cars around here, said he would help me see what's wrong with it and possibly fix it. yesterday we pulled it down to his "shop" pretty much all we got done yesterday. My father, said that it was probably something wrong behind the valves. I have very little knowledge of cars and bought it with the intentions of learning. the book is very confusing and I would like for someone who knows to help any way possible. I'll try and get some pictures of it on here soon. body is in very good condition.
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have you ever been to reall good vw community over there. Also a bit more infomration would really help
try too, the helped me get my bug back on the road